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Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor Hybrid Smartwatch

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Hybrid Smartwatch® our Top notch Blood Pressure Monitor

Our Smart watch activity tracker Monitors your blood Pressure & heart rate, Know your daily fitness level. Work towards a healthier lifestyle! Keep moving toward your goals with friendly reminders that encourage you to stay active throughout the day.


Love your Life Watch Over Your Heart.

Feel the desire to control your diet or work pressure? This Fitness bracelet helps you keep track of your blood pressure and encourage you to make a difference.

Hybrid Smartwatch® synchronizes via Bluetooth with an easy to use app, were you'll be able to see your health data, view your progress, receive personalized advice and get extra motivation. 

Hybrid Smartwatch® Features:

Our Stylish Hybrid Smartwatch, has a hidden touch screen display and rea watch hands. Is a perfect companion for any occasion: Sports, Events, Work, everyday use. 

Made from crafted premium 316L stainless steel case and a reinforced polycarbonate surface coating our Hybrid K Smartwatch® features a minimalist style that can stand up to the rigors of daily life. 

With its mirror tempered glass screen protector technology, it makes this one of the most readable under sunlight smartwatch out there. 

When you are looking for a Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor, you need to have a last long companion. Our Hybrid Smartwatch@ outlasts the competition with its unique long-life battery, which allows you to spend more time moving and less time charging. It can las about 7 days in smart mode and only in watch mode more than 3 years. 

It's compatible with Android and IOS, making this one of the best smartwatches in Australia

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Erica Rice
Fantastic 4-Star watch! Because it only has 1 flaw.

Well from having a couple others watches and APPLE has always been my main watch. I am blown away on how this watch is overall!
Screen is vivid and sleek , Functions all work flawlessly . I have tested the HR and BP monitors to our medical grade system we have , and well my wife and i were shocked at how accurate it is, the numbers were matching or only having a 1-3 point difference as it should be . This watch does not offer much function or App compatibility like my Apple watch does , but honestly all that is on this watch , is all i ever use anyways . Lets not forget to mention the BATTERY blows Apple out of the water !! Had to charge Apple everyday and i do not even use watch much, this one last many many days!

Great smart watchs!

It's multifunctional with heart rate and activity fitness tracker and other health data provided. The touchscreen is very sensitive. I also like the call reminder functionm. When my phone is not in my hand or silence, it could tell me a call coming. The watch time is very accurate. Very like the watch, thanks

M g
Tracks everything you need

This watch tracks everything. This is the watch for you if you want ah features and do not want to spend fortune on it. Good Value of money

Do not compare out with Apple Watch i bet that is better but this doors all too on fractions of money that that

Steve in CA
Working well

It is lightweight and easy to see in the sunlight and it has plenty of functions that seem to be working well. It is a very good product for the price.

Shelly R

I brought this watch for my son and I have to say we are very impressed with all its capabilities. My son enjoyed uploading different images for his Screensaver, receiving phone calls and text. After 14 hours of use, his battery life is only at 50%. Which is excellent. Purchasing this watch was definitely worth it.