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Luxury Galaxy Smart Watches Women K10

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Luxury Galaxy Smart Watches Women K10® is the number one Smartwatch for Women in Australia. 

At Adventure Mart we always think about your health. That's why we have brought to you the Luxury Galaxy Smart Watch for Women K10®. A very useful device that will let you have control over your health at every hour of the day and during each daily activity. The best of the smart watches for women ever!

Women's Smart Watch Waterproof Fitness Heart Monitor Sport Smartwatch's Features:

  • Blood Pressure, Pedometer and Sleep Monitoring: A very fantastic smart watch that will give detailed information about your blood pressure sending you notifications when abnormal heart rates are detected. The watch will count the steps you make daily and the distances you go everyday controlling also the calories. And finally, it will also monitor you while sleeping to give you information about your sleeping time.

 Smart watches for women

  • IP67 Waterproof Resistant: A watch that works on every situation! No fear of wind nor rain, the watch is protected with its IP67 Waterproof level.

  • Exclusive Female Calendar function: An exclusive and unique characteristic, is that the watch has a special and exclusive female function. On your smartphone, you will be able to control your menstruations days, preparing for pregnancy and pregnancy itself mode, and also a mother function to reming you on every maternity activity you must do.

  • Multiple phone functions: You will be able to link your watch directly to Facebook, Instagram, Skype and several apps you have on your phone, for you to have their notifications directly on the phone. Calls notification and see your phone information directly on your exclusive smart watch for women
  • Take photos remotely: Another new function, is the remotely photo capture. You will be able to take pictures in your phone remotely, just by clicking on your smartwatch!

Galaxy Watch

Luxury Galaxy Smart Watches Women K10® Technical Parameters:

  • Waterproof IP67 Level
  • Battery Capacity: 120 mAh
  • Work Hours: 3-5 days
  • Functions: Pedometer, Sleep Tracker, Heart Rate Tracker, Alarm Clock, Call Reminder, Women Menstruation and Pregnancy Controls, Remotely photo capture, Sport Mode, and much more!
  • Resolution: 240x240 pixels
  • Bluetooth: 4.0 about 3-5 meters range
  • Display: IPS HD Display with tempered glass
  • CPU Power: NRF52832
  • Operation method: Single touch
  • Heart Rate Sensor: PD70-01C/TR7
  • Colors: You can choose between 3 smart watches for women (Gold, black and silver)
  • App Compatibility: It's compatible with Android 4.4 or higher, iOS 8  or higher
  • Style: Fashion

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Paula Johansen

Love it so far ! Easy to use has great features
Beautiful looking watch nice and comfy band , easy to adjust and no taking links out !

armaan bhasin
Long standby time

Pretty good.I love this watch. Basic exercise, heart rate and other reminders
The bracelet is of good quality and comfortable to wear
I like to customize the dial, you can choose your favorite screen
Long standby time, easy to use, easy to learn to operate
It matches the phone very well

Beautiful with Smart App.

Beautiful and Stylish.
Perfect watch for casual and formal occasions. Golden color is amazing. This is a perfect watch because

- Beautiful and Stylish.
- Smarts watch with APP
_ best for female Period tools is the best.
- Sleep monitoring don't use it as much but i tested it works well.
- Water proof
- Heart rate and Calorie counter

This watch is exceeded my expectations with beautiful design and all the smart watch feature that hard to find in unique design. call monitor and taking photos remotely is what i really love about this watch.

Highly recommend this product.
call answering and speakers in the watch would be a amazing features to add.

Amanda Benjamin-Murray
It works!!

This smart watch looks expensive, elegant and sleek but most of all it tends to be really accurate at keeping track of yoir heart rate, blood pressure, calories and steps.
I wasnt expecting much from this smart phone and i am really pleasantly surprised. I am looking to buy different straps/wrist bands so i can change it depending on the occasion. Where can i buy the straps?
I really love this smart watch. It is super cute!!!

Good value for your buck

1. Stunning color. The metallic pink is executed perfectly so that it's both girly and elegant.
2. Nice battery life. I've been using it non stop for the past 2 weeks or so, am I've only needed to charge once so far.
3. Step counts are almost accurate and notifications work great (for iOS)
4. Descent pricing.

1. Pink wristband can get dirty easily and need more attention for cleaning.
2. Little Heavy